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Our Vision

"We want to be the very best at what we do. Therefore we know how essential it is to ensure our quality, design and overall business, exceeds customer expectations. By following our CRID values and providing excellence in QIPS, we believe we will be the very best at what we do."

Our Values

"...following our CRID values..."

At Emzii Ltd, we take pride in our professional behaviour and beliefs. We follow a code of 'CRID';

Creativity - We design, you model.

Reliability - We exceed your expectations.

Integrity - We deliver our promises.

Durability - We prepare for perfection.

Our Mission

"...providing excellence in QIPS,"

We provide quality designer wear to the public. We design eccentric clothing, while always considering 'QIPS';

Quality - consistent with perfection

Innovation - simplicity with the art of design

Price - value worth the money

Service - helping you means helping us